About Us

All descriptions on our site come from our first hand experiences on the trail so that we can bring you the most accurate directions and experiences possible. Because of this our site will constantly be growing as we take advantage of our weekends and holidays away from work to get out and enjoy what Utah has to offer.

Vincent Bradley – @vincentbradley

“I lived the first half of my life in front of a TV screen in Manti Utah. Although my parents spoiled me with outdoor adventures on a regular basis it wasn’t until a few friends of mine invited me on a camping trip that I realized what I was missing out on. Utah is full of the most diverse and incredible locations in the world and it’s right in our backyard.


We started XPUtah with the intention of simply sharing some of the amazing experiences we have around the state online, but we have slowly become a community where we can all get together, share our favorite experiences and help others do the same. I love that I get to meet new people who share the same interest as me and who are willing to help each other take advantage of all Utah has to offer.”

Hope Carr – @the_hopester94

“I’m originally from the South, so when I moved out to Utah for school I was completely blown away by just how beautiful and unique Utah is. Every spare minute I have I spend in the mountains and canyons, hiking, running, climbing, and exploring.

 I’ve realized, though, that sharing my experiences with people I care about makes the adventures even better.


We want XP to be so much more than just a blog where we write about our experiences. We want to encourage everyone to get out, explore, and come to love Utah just as much as we do.”

Chandler Hansen – @hansen.chandler

I love an adventure. My family traveled when I was a kid. It started out with the annual pilgrimage to Utah to visit the Grandparents and eventually evolved into experiences out in Europe and the Middle East. I was raised to never be content with the filtered, tourist version. It’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to skills like canyoneering and climbing that take me off the beaten trail and on new adventures.

About Us
Vincent Bradley – @vincentbradley Hope Carr – @the_hopester94 Chandler Hansen – @hansen.chandler